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Friday, 20 August 2010


Went out today and bought a lot of supplies, which included a huge bottle of Seseme Oil, oyster sauce aaaand a big box of Sushi Rice. Tonight I'm making Meat Soboro, Iri tamogo and Kale and tomorrow morning I'm going to attempt my first Onigiri (which I'm either going to put Kale in or some leftover soboro).

Will post some pictures of tonights Bento in a bit and will definatly do some step by step photos tomorrow for the onigiri!

Wish me luck ^^

Edit: Made the Soboro, Iri Tamogo and Kale and OH.MY.GOD I have never tasted anything so delicious! Soboro is getting a top spot on my food porn list. It's so sweet but savoury at the same time and the Iri tamogo is such a nice accompaniment.

The Iri tamogo was a bit of a disaster though, the pan was just too hot when I started so it just cooked in a thin layer round the sides and then I couldn't get the grains fine enough :( It did however turn out a lot darker in colour than the Just Bento recipe. But it's still tasty as!


Based on:

Omitted the Blanched Swiss chard leaves and Swiss chard stalks sautéed in butter for Curly Kale. No rice obviously and no Hijiki or lychees (as I really can't stand those little prickly fruits).

Definatly a keeper this one!

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