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Monday, 23 August 2010

A Lunch and a Dinner.

Well as annoyed as I was to not get pictures of the Onigiri I made, they were very nice. I put Soboro in them as I didn't really have anything else and they were delicious, I have however learnt not to leave cooking rice unattended -_-

Right, onto Sunday's food.
This, was beautiful. I hadn't had chicken teriyaki before and oh my days it was heaven. Will definatly be making that again (Have half a jar of sauce still to use!). The rice was just right today rather than yesterday's 'slightly toasted' rice (by accident because I went to let the dog out and didn't realise there wasn't a lot of water left in the pan). Curly Kale, quickly becoming a bento staple for me and blanced bean sprouts which added a nice crunch to the bowl. Tamagoyaki again which I made properly this time, although it doesn't layer like the ones I've seen on the internet, it kind of... spirals. Ah well, it was tasty anyway and looked nice!

On the menu today though I think it might be the leftover meat soboro I've got in the fridge with some rice as I need to use it up rather than making something else.

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