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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

End of the week Bento

Not much left in the house as it's coming to the end of the week for me and the boy. I did manage to wrangle up the following though which suprisingly was delicious hot and cold. I had this yesterday dinner time and today for lunch at work.

Brown Rice
(Bottom) Blanched Curly Kale
(Top) Red Pepper, Spring Onion and white onion confit
Wiener Fish

Was delightful to be quite fair and I was suprised how nice the Kale was when it was cold. The confit and the kale are quickly becoming staples in my bentos which is nice because I know I'm getting some veg. I do however need to expand a bit and am going to get some sushi rice next shopping day so I can attempt some rice balls.

Lord knows what I'm having tomorrow, there really is nothing in the house now (although just rice and Kale sounds like a plan!)

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